The Rob West Marketing Company Presents:

"The Noveltee Card"

noveltee-card-ballAt long last...A solution that is the antithesis of bartering tee times!

We've always held true to the beliefs that a golf course should own their entire tee time inventory, have a low price guarantee for tee times on their website, and be the only entity that has access to their own customer database. Wouldn't it be a simple (and profitable) world if that was the case for everyone?

To show our commitment to those beliefs, let us be the first company to offer innovative products & services that complement each other, while benefiting our customers full circle. The result for you is full empowerment, complete ownership, multiple revenue stream opportunities, and leveraging your importance in the overall equation.

Simply put...this is the key to having full control & ownership of everything you're entitled to, while being paid in the process!

Noveltee vs. Barter

gary-tiltWhen you engage in "Barter" solutions, you are taking $ from an existing revenue stream, while creating nothing new. The result is a diminishing return towards your profitability. You give away a % of something you own.

The Noveltee Card creates a brand new, incremental revenue stream for you out of nothing...capitalizing on your customer relationships. This new revenue stream can easily be used to pay for the other services you utilize with RWM, possibly resulting in FREE services or you even being paid in the process!

The idea and offering really sets us apart from our competition. You no longer need to engage in barter to pay for expensive website & marketing services, nor do you need to pay outright either. Even a lease of $195/mo is a difficult check to write every single month...especially if you're a seasonal operation!

From this point forward you'll have the ability to create much needed avenues of incremental revenue...which can be key to success in these economic times. The industry has changed, and your outlook needs to as well.

The Referral Revenue Stream

referral2On the back of your own Noveltee Business Cards, we place a coupon code unique to you that must be entered for a discount when one of your patrons places an order. The coupon also serves as a tracking mechanism so you get credit for the purchase. Any golf course, golf-related business or golf professional has the perfect venue and clientele for promoting The Noveltee Card, and may also conduct an email blast, create a website advertisement, or use other means to spread the word to create buying opportunities.

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    Golf Course Information

    Check out The Noveltee Card website to learn all the benefits & reasons why this offering should be integrated into your total golf operation.

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    For Your Customers

    Click below to find out why this is a valuable tool for your patrons, whether they are individuals, business owners, job seekers, or simply just golfers.

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    Revenue By Referrals

    Learn the complete details of our revenue sharing opportunities through a natural 'referral' system intended to create your own revenue stream.

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