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Shhh! Don't let the secret out!

Let's be honest. From the looks of our website, you can see we know what we're doing. Rest assured, we wrote every word, use the same technology we provide our customers, and believe we show genuine and unique qualities that warrant your business. Wouldn't you want someone in your corner, working for you, with the level of professionalism we exude?

It's easy to list features, functionality, and cool graphics to lure prospective clients with everything EXCEPT substance. We don't do that. Instead, we put our money where is our mouth is, not our foot.

Due to some other things we've learned from in the past, we know our innovation breeds we're not going to show you everything on a website where anyone and everyone can steal our ideas. We can surely tell you that our solutions are ultra-affordable, and although we won't risk displaying our pricing and other sales information online, we are always happy to discuss it and email you a brochure anytime. There is an inherent value of 'person to person' contact and something we assure will never change about our philosophy.

We've also learned that in this business, the value of talking and getting to know people helps build a relationship and gain trust. You not only choose us, but we also choose you. Please be certain that we evaluate each prospective client both ways to ensure a good fit...because word of mouth is the strongest referral you can get, and yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea from your perspective and ours.

From the President

Newly established in 2013, The Rob West Marketing Company is focusing on 'Internet Marketing' solutions and 'Internet Technology Services' for small business owners and operators. Our suite of products and services include website development, email marketing software & branding, and a focus on writing compelling content for your website, email marketing programs, and social media channels. Integrating these platforms on many levels will increase awareness from your customer and potential customer bases, improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ratings so you can be found more easily, and ultimately drive revenue to your business. We have several levels of involvement and extremely affordable pricing, so we ask you to first learn more about what we can do for you, and contact us to schedule a personal online demonstration with myself or a member of my sales team.

Our Technology Explained:

You should know (and this is important) that we use "Open Source" tools and technology, recognized as the most powerful platforms available to any industry. "Open Source" means tools and software available to anyone who wants to use them, or contribute by writing software to better them. Most of these products are available at an extremely low cost, making them widely used, but most people need a highly skilled professional to setup and properly harness their power. Successful Open Source products push the cutting edge of technology, made possible because of experts around the globe who are constantly contributing to their functionality and effectiveness.

Our Marketing Services:

With all these cutting edge products available, what good are they if you can't use them? For those who don't have the time or ability to properly market your business effectively, or the financial means to employ a full time staff member to do the same...consider we may have the perfect blend of knowledge and involvement to get your business where it needs to be. We effectively setup, integrate, manage, support, and/or train you and your staff on any level regarding your internet technology and marketing needs.

Thanks for your time!
Rob West

The Rebirth...

We are happy to announce our next generation of Internet & Marketing Services, available for the everyday small business that needs to be trained and empowered to generate revenue by harnessing the internet. We provide the proper guidance, software, and support in using the most powerful "internet marketing" tools available to the everyday consumer.

The Rob West Marketing Company completes the circle for your internet marketing needs:  A high-powered, professional website you control; a custom, brand marketing solution cultivated to your email marketing and social media marketing needs; and the support system required to make this an effortless endeavor for your business to utilize these cutting edge tools.

Our solution is 'Full Circle' in the respect that not only do we provide the tools and knowledge your business requires, but that on an ongoing basis, we are there to consult and support you during every step of your journey. Depending on the level of your needs, our plan for your business can consist simply of setup & training, to full management of all your internet marketing strategies. The choice is yours and we desire the opportunity to meet your expectations.

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